Choosing the Right Stucco Repair Contractor

This often happens when choosing a contractor or paint company that is used once by close friends or family members. There are times when you first choose it among your friends, or maybe you want to become a freelancer and find out which one is really best to use for your indoor or outdoor project. is a. After all, this is your house we are talking about; Not just an old place. Therefore, when searching on Google or the Yellow Pages, we recommend choosing a business:

  1. Offers more than just a fee.
  2. How long have they been at work?
  3.  Working samples.
  4. Get advice on which color you want to use.

More services can go a long way. For example, what if a painter makes a mistake? To help resolve the stucco contractor issue, you can try going to the drawing board again. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to find a stucco contractor or company that provides services such as drywall, pressure washing, mortar repairing and mortar. Think of it this way: if you really had problems with the exterior or the interior, do you want the painters to fix it in advance or just paint it?

The length of his work is obvious. It shows that they have experience and they are not beginners. The whole reason to choose someone else to start this project is because of experience.

Working models are often a painter who can “attract” you, but you want to attract. Why would you buy a product without seeing it? Any smart illustrator understands and understands the business that you need to get their products and services.

The last is that you want the painter to consult you on which paint to use. There are thousands of colors and they should learn more about you. Some painters have to work there and test using their “ordinary product”. Choose a company that works with you, strives to meet your needs, and recommends what is best for you and your money – not a sales step, but a second mile offer for customer satisfaction.

One last note – if you’re in the Florida area, humidity, rain, and sunlight have a big impact on color, so Stucco your home every 5 to 10 years can be a very necessary project. Choose the certified and experienced stucco repair contractors that have been operating for some time, must have close links, many services and innovative and innovative programs and plans are being introduced in the construction industry. Time to stop reading and find the right stucco company for your new stucco project. Then get it!

Denton Sod Installation Or Laying Grass Sod?

Creating a completely new lawn with a simple piece of soil can be a lot of work and attention must be paid to making a complete decision. The primary and most important option when starting a lawn is the choice of lawn. You need a lawn that meets your unique needs and goals for your intended lawn. Once the lawn is chosen correctly, you will need to decide whether your lawn will be created by planting weed seeds or laying the lawn. There are some considerations when making this decision, so let’s review them.

Choose a hall

The type of weed you choose to mow a new lawn is the first factor in determining whether to mow a straight lawn or mow a lawn. Various plants, such as Bermuda hybrids, SaintAugustine, Seaside, Baspalam and most Zoya herbs, do not produce seeds or can be very difficult to harvest commercially. So if you choose to use one of these weeds in your new garden, the choice should not be difficult. In some cases, you will use lawn grass or even twigs and plugs.

I live in the southwestern United States, and many homeowners have lawns in Bermuda. Although some interesting seed varieties have developed over time, most people use Bermuda as a hybrid due to its dense, green and low growing characteristics. These varieties and hybrids can only be produced botanically, and lawn grass is still the main technique. So first determine if your chosen lawn is available in seed, cotyledon or both, and then you can choose what your situation is.

Turf economy

Most weeds can be purchased Denton sod installation, and this is the fastest way to create a new lawn. There is no time spent sprouting weed seeds waiting for the lawn to fill up and then you have your own lawn in a few months. With a lawn, you can have a beautiful, green new lawn literally overnight, which is the preferred method for many lawn professionals to create a lawn. However, there are downsides. Costs! The cost per square foot of lawn is usually quite expensive, and laying a large area of ​​lawn will definitely leave a good impression on your wallet.

It’s about the economy. If you have a small lawn or you are simply renovating a small part of your lawn, laying a lawn can be more cost effective. Alternatively, if the lawn is created over a large area, even though it requires more work, there may be a method of using weed seeds.

You have created some beautiful lawns by planting weed seeds and planting lawns, but make sure you have chosen the right technique for your unique lawn growing condition.

You should also note that soda is usually sold either as seeds or as an integrated carpet grass. The initial cost of carpet turf is usually higher, but if you are thinking about seeds, you will need to take care of the lawn for full growth, and at the same time you will need to maintain it throughout the season. Now let’s look at the different types of cold and hot climates.

One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes To The Applicability Of Code Issues

Whether you use a form code or a site-specific code, such as the New York Building Code, the task of analyzing and applying the code requirements applicable to a particular situation is best suited for a professional code consultant, a site. Understands the difference in code from another site. Owners and site managers who are primarily concerned with risk mitigation at any project scale need to understand which design professional ensures compliance with the code in which the project is being built.

Local code

The applicability of many local and international building codes suggests that owners should be aware of delegating responsibility for building standards and / or monitoring compliance with building codes to the projects they develop. A building code is a set of specifications and procedures designed to cover all aspects of a building. These codes describe which products or materials can be used for the building or construction, which construction processes are allowed and which can perform specific construction activities. All the principles applicable to building regulations are based on the protection of public health, safety and welfare, as they cover the following design / construction topics: structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, safety of life (exhaust), fire safety (protection and damping), Natural lighting, air , access standards and energy savings.

As standards are the basis of any building code, they try to be precise, but also flexible to improve. Building codes represent three different sets of information: (1) the definition of words; (2) license requirements; (3) construction standards themselves. These standards come into local law, either through one of the code associations below, federal law, or through direct lobbying at the local level.

The stream currently has a complex network of hundreds of all national, regional and local symbols. This set of h&m codes makes it extremely difficult for owners to provide oversight and knowledge of many projects locally and internationally.

For the reasons set out below, as well as the complexity and responsibilities involved in taking responsibility for the various codes, owners are encouraged to participate more actively in the design of service contracts to ensure that their project code Who is responsible for compliance. Responsibility for this area should lie with the local architectural and construction professionals who are assigned to each project. In addition, owners who set up a system of contracts that do not respect the owners will be protected from the requirements and obligations associated with the services provided by architectural and construction professionals if the project fails the exam.

One project is not for everyone

Despite the move towards a single universal symbol, each community in the United States has adopted one of several building standards. Like the building code, building regulations have long been considered a local activity. The main pattern of regulatory use in the United States for building codes is best described as a lobby, as each community sets its own building code requirements. Even national laws developed a model of local independence, and efforts to achieve an inclusive national standard that was reciprocal between countries were largely difficult to accept worldwide.

There are three model code associations in the United States that actively require Member States and cities to adopt their own model. Although there is some overlap in the jurisdiction of the associations of these codes, the country is generally divided into areas governed by the Model Code: (1) The International Conference of Civil Servants (“ICBO”) has been adopted in the West; (2) Building and Code Executor (“BOCA”) in the Northeast; (3) Southern Building Code Conference (“SBCC”) South.

The International Code Council (ICC), the fourth code consortium, has for the last several years sought to combine the three main codes into a single country code. Despite the fact that the International Criminal Court developed and tried to create a single national building code, known as the International Building Act (“IBC”), many municipalities have been reluctant to pass the new law because it was incorporated too early. Most local jurisdictions have their own code.

Get The Right Shower In Australia In Advance

We’ve all thought twice before investing in the bathroom once. We love to buy our curtains and drapes for our living room, we want the latest gadgets in the kitchen, decorate our bedroom and so on. But when it comes to pigeons, we get a little stingy. Also, many of us want a plush bath and will do a lot to find a beautiful bath, but do not want to invest in the right shower part system. It is important to invest in quality bathroom accessories. For example, the shower attachment should be fine, not rusting over time, and not lose color or shine. Cheap quality things will start to cause problems. Make sure you don’t compromise on quality, not appearance.

Among the problems caused by the purchase of poor quality shower systems, many of us already know that low water pressure is the main inconvenience. This means that you will either have to repair it or move to a brand new system, which is not always possible given the cost, time and effort you have to put into each time you install it. Therefore, when buy shower in Australia system, it is recommended to buy shower spare parts so that you do not have to look for these parts at the last minute. In addition, it can be difficult to get the right spare parts that could be connected to your shower system.

The use of the shower system, its quality and many other factors play an important role in the life of the shower. If it is of good quality, it can stay with you for a long time. If not, you may have to spend the wealth to repair and replace it again. The idea of ​​going to the store to buy items can be very tedious and time consuming.

If the shower system fails, you can go to your local hardware store and replace the part. In an emergency, you can seek help from many stores online. If you have any experience, a minor washer problem, such as removing a damaged washer, etc., can be fixed instead of waiting for the store to reopen the next day. With the growing demand and popularity of bathroom accessories, bathroom accessories manufacturers are introducing modern equipment.

The internet is now an ideal place to shop and can now be used online to buy many items. You can also get good things at a reasonable price. You may want to talk to a customer representative online to find out what quality shower parts and parts are so you can decide. Be sure to follow the same brand when purchasing parts, as sizes may vary from company to company.

The first thing to consider for decorating is the theme of the party. Today, most babies depend on the theme of precipitation. Organizing a party for a party makes planning much easier, as you will be clear about what style and design to buy. Toiletries, including decorations and items, come in a variety of shapes and colors to suit any baby shower theme. Children’s items can be traditional or modern. Nowadays, many people like modern items. Mostly they include the latest animated or movie characters.

Baby shower decorations are not expensive. If you have a limited budget, you can use and arrange decorations without spending a fortune using your creativity and imagination. Assembling a baby shower should not be a stressful bank with a little creative imagination and ingenuity.

There are many ideas available that you can use to save the money you spend on decorating your shower. For example, instead of buying expensive flowers, why not choose seasonal flowers that are very inexpensive compared to those that are not in season. You can also use some items related to children, such as stuffed animals, toys, cute baby clothes, diapers, baby bottles and more. You can use the program as creatively as children’s items.

How To Choose A Real Estate Agent For Selling A Home Or Buying A Home

Whether you plan to live in the Central Virginia area, including Richmond, Glenn Allen, Midlothian, Manakin Sabot, Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover, or Joshland, a real estate company to help with the process of buying a new home or selling a home would be a wise choice. The quality and experience of a real estate agent influences the way you sell or buy real estate and houses. There are thousands of licensed brokers in the Central Virginia market, and not all of them have the same level of skills, work or experience. Therefore, it is important to do some research before hiring a real estate agent.

Why do you need a real estate agent? You need a real estate agent because they are educated in the field with experience, which can make the process fun, easy and convenient. A good real estate agent can help with legal proceedings related to buying or selling real estate and houses. They use methods and techniques to serve you better.

Every day before buying you will not have time to search and visit information about every house in the market. If you rent real estate, they will help make the process easier and faster once you find your home. If you are selling real estate, your real estate will advise you with all the information related to the sale of the property.

There are a few things to consider when hiring a real estate company or Immobilienmakler Hannover to ensure that you hire the best people. To get started, do your homework correctly. Think about what you expect and what can give you these results. Before meeting with a realtor, you may want to contact them and find out about their services. If you are satisfied with the answers provided, arrange them to meet. You can research their reputation in the market, contact friends and relatives who have hired the same broker, and ask for opinions. Consider all your options and rent what you think and feel.

What is considered the “largest real estate agent in the world”? By the way, I think there are many things agents can do to help them focus primarily on real estate sales and help clients with real estate:

Advertising – The agent must not only focus and advertise in order to gain strong market penetration, but also be able to reach the most qualified readers of his ad.

Market and product knowledge – The agent must maintain a strong and thorough knowledge of the local real estate market. To do this, they need to research sales hours, listings, expired listings and pulled lists.

Integrity and Ethics – One of the hallmarks that I consider to be “the world’s largest real estate agent” is his ability to be honest and maintain his ethics and ethics to the highest standards, among other agents! Their interactions with clients reflect not only high ethical and ethical behavior, but also interactions with other real estate agents, as well as support professionals such as loan offices, builders, contractors and more.

Investment forecasting – I think another strong feature is the ability to distinguish between real estate, which is the most powerful example of customer and client investment strategy. Not only does it have the ability to calculate rates of return, gross rentals, total potential income, and other variables, but also an understanding of how these variables affect customers or customer purchases in a real estate investment strategy.

Technological insight – The ability to understand today’s technology not only helps real estate agents in their business, but also the ability to apply this technology is a key consideration today.

As technology has become an important part of our daily lives, it has also become an essential tool for providing additional services and support to customers and real estate customers.

Implementing technology is not an easy task regardless of the site’s presence. After all, real estate agent expertise sells real estate! However, the ability to effectively use and implement the software and hardware available in the distributor’s business will allow this trader to be recognized as a market and industry leader.

These are some of the factors that make every real estate agent the “biggest real estate agent” in today’s global competitive market.

In my opinion, much more is needed, and in fact, most of the experts should be left to identify this person.

Fishing Magnet – The Hobby That Is Cleaning Up French Rivers

Historical enthusiasts and environmental activists equipped with powerful fishing magnet clean French rivers by collecting them with scrap metal, bicycles, scooters and personal kitchen equipment. Sometimes they catch other unexpected things from the water, such as unexplained weapons.

According to public security officials, magnet hunting is fast becoming a popular pastime, but French officials are still concerned that historic war sites are still carrying active weapons.

As in other countries, participants in France tie a rope to a supermagnet and release it into the waterway, partly in search of treasure, partly for environmental reasons.

Neodymium’s magnet, 20-year-old Owens Grasier, and three of his colleagues magnetically threw a magnet on the banks of the River Oise in a city 75 kilometers north of Paris.

After several attempts at his place near the La Crixa-Saint-Ouen bridge, he caught something, a few minutes with a tangible hook pull. As they say, a rusty iron tube shows: “Good grip”. It was the best discovery that afternoon.

“We’ve been fishing here for many years, the (river) bed is very clean,” says truck operator Grayser.

Inspired by a passion for World War II memorabilia and the discovery of medals, military equipment and other historical items, Mr Gracis says he “quickly realized that it was possible to clear the waterway.”

In 2017, he created a Facebook page that now has more than 500 subscribers, where members share photos, tips and organize trips. “It’s crazy to find everything in the water,” Mr Gresier lists everything from electric scooters to traffic lights and microwaves.

“With dozens of people, sometimes in a matter of hours you can pull out 50kg of scrap metal,” he says.

In one of the greatest wars of the First World War, Christoph Devarin started fishing for magnets in the neighboring province of Somme three months ago.

He says “the secret doesn’t know what will happen to the magnet.”

But the 52-year-old driver warns that “if you’re thinking of finding treasure, it’s not much.”

Although he pulled out a rifle dating from 1914 to 1918, he says it “is completely rusted in the water after 100 years.”

“Even the Museum of the Great War didn’t want that,” he joked that there was no sign of waste because it was given to resellers or scrap dealers.

Even in other regions of France, where bloody battles took place during the world wars, magnets discovered shells, ammunition and grenades.

They may still be active, warns the National Public Security Administration.

Given the hobby’s growing popularity over the past two years, including under the Pont de Arts pedestrian bridge in central Paris, the authority has recently revealed dangers to police throughout France. In May, the man was seriously injured after the withdrawal of a mustard gas bullet north of Dunkirk.

Police said that at the end of July, Somma’s two fishermen with a magnet seized a phosphorus bomb, causing them jealousy.

Entertainment is now illegal in France without a permit issued by the state or zamindar.

“We didn’t know about the danger … until my son found a grenade,” says Helen Leiden, who lives in Somme.

She said her 14-year-old son Arthur bought a magnet from Amazon for about 30 euros ($ 33) and regularly fishes with a friend for environmental reasons.

Greser said his group captured active projectiles and hundreds of rusty weapons, but knew what to do in the case.

“We are creating a security perimeter and warning destruction specialists,” he says.

Despite warnings, his group says it will not stop the activities they find.

His friend Nicholas, 26, says, “It’s a passion, good for the planet, we won’t stop at night.”

“People are going to play cat and mouse,” laughs Devarins.

How To Avoid Stormpole Damage To Your Caravan Awning

In addition to caravans, your parachute is probably the most valuable item you can have on vacation with you, so it’s important to save your investment from a very common problem: hurricane damage.

Hurricane damage is caused by extreme wind conditions, such as strong winds, heavy rain or snow, and is often caused by curved pillars or broken seams, but in the worst case, it can mean broken canopies that have not been repaired. It can go and the caravan can be damaged on a large scale.

However, there are some simple precautions you can take to reduce the risk of hurricane damage, the easiest of which is to avoid extreme weather.

By simply looking at the weather before and during the caravan breakdown, you should be able to give warnings of strong winds or storms in the area and first stop the parachute or remove it due to bad weather.

If you think the weather is bad, but there are definitely no warnings of bad weather, a set of heavy-duty parachute harnesses, stormpole also known as a “belt”, will do everything safely. A good way to anchor. They have heavy-duty pins, very strong nylon straps and a spring mechanism at one end, which allows the parachute to bend slightly – which means that the stakes pull less in very strong winds. .

Most canopy straps are designed to be placed directly above the canopy outside, which means that they are in direct contact with the cover material and can close over time. For this reason, storm-shaded belts are not recommended for long periods of time and should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Choosing your awning is also important because it can be a safe solution for heavy loads all year round with a strong (but heavy) steel column from a reputable manufacturer. If you are concerned about weight, advanced carbon fiber poles are strong and light, but remember that if they are pushed out of their limits, they will bend like steel poles. Most aluminum poles are lightweight, but they don’t usually provide as much strength as steel or carbon fiber – which means some manufacturers make great aluminum awnings, so be sure to buy and read a lot of reviews.

If the worst happens and none of your safety measures work, it is important that the canopy is adequately covered by the trailer insurance policy. Some caravan insurance companies do not cover the damage to the canopy during hurricanes, so be sure to choose a policy that usually covers “hurricane damage to the umbrella cover”. This way, if you are addicted to the weather and have the opportunity to lower the parachute before the storm occurs, the damage to the parachute and the damage caused by the parachute to your caravan will be covered.

Remember that not only is your car damaged, but you also need insurance as well as an umbrella, and as such, make sure you count the total amount you need to insure when you receive your insurance policy. Will happen.

Setting Up Broadband And Phone Services In Malaysia

When you arrive in the country (either on the Malaysian Peninsula or in the South China Sea in East Malaysia), you will find plenty to see and do there. From the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur to the Mulu Caves in Sarawak, the largest natural metro network in the world, you are sure to make an unforgettable trip.

First, studying in Malaysia – as in any other foreign country – can be quite difficult. That is why it is very important to stay home with family and friends. Fortunately, it is easy to find ways to call the UK. Here you need to know.

How can I enter into a mobile, landline or broadband deal in Malaysia?

It is possible to get a Malaysian mobile phone, landline or broadband unifi register connection while studying in the country, but you will need to do a few things before signing the contract. In addition to a student visa, you will need admission to a college or university that service providers may require to confirm your student status.

To receive your student pass, you will need to send a passport size photo and application form to the headquarters of the Malaysian Department of Immigration. Once approved, you should be able to sign up for goods and services on credit.

As in the UK, mobile and broadband providers in Malaysia will carry out a credit check. For those who have not configured a credit rating, they have the option to purchase a prepaid or postpaid SIM card, which you will find in a wide range of stores. You’ll also need an unlocked international cell phone, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry: you have a variety of phones to buy once.

Who can get broadband from Malaysia?

Most universities are located in popular areas of the city, such as Kuala Lumpur, so you should have access to some broadband services. The fastest broadband provider has a time that provides a download speed of 100Mbps, but you usually get a 24-month contract. Of course, this is not ideal for international students, especially if you are traveling on holiday or staying in the country for only one year, but if you want the fastest possible connection, there is a time to go.

Fortunately, some plans are available from some smaller providers for 12 months. These include PAUSE and ABNxcess, which combine broadband with TV packages. Maxis, City Broadband and UnifTM.

Mobile broadband is also widely available. Although 4G is usually found only in cities, 3G covers 95.8% of the Malaysian population. As such, you should not try to get a cell signal. The number of Wi-Fi hotspots in Malaysia is growing in places as diverse as cafes, restaurants and civic buildings across the country. If you want to register yourself and take your Wi-Fi network with you, the most popular mobile broadband providers in Malaysia are DiGi and Celcom.

How can I best contact me from Malaysia?

One of the best ways to call home from Malaysia is to use the SIM plan only on your mobile phone. They come with a set number of hours, comprehensive minutes and data surcharges to help control your spending.

If you do not want to be subject to a contract, you can choose a prepaid SIM card instead. They are available from many mobile networks, including Cellcom, Digi and Maxis. In fact, by paying for a loan in the UK, in other words, you can balance yourself just as you did in your own country. To conclude a deal specifically for international students, purchase the DiGi site Hello Malaysia Traveler, which offers a good price for international calls. A Cellcom Traveler SIM is also available, allowing you to call up to 20 international destinations at a competitive price.

If you want to get things done before the trip, you can make cheap international calls using the free Tesco business card app. It connects to Wi-Fi and allows you to make cheaper rates at home and send messages in-app online.

However, the cheapest way to stay in touch is with a free VoIP service such as Skype or Viber. All you need is an internet connection and access to a computer with a webcam and microphone. The person you are calling will also need the same VoIP software and hardware and be online at the same time you use it, but you will not be charged for a voice or video call.

What are my consumer rights in Malaysia?

There was a serious lack of consumer protection laws in the country until 2010, when the Malaysian Parliament proposed the Consumer Protection Act 2010 (amendment). This law is intended to protect consumers and applies in particular to unfair contract terms. If you think the situation with your mobile or broadband contract is not appropriate, you can contact your service provider and terminate the contract without penalty – if you can prove it.

Why To Register A US Trademark In The European Union

In today’s global economy, competition is increasing around the world. As the world gets smaller, many companies want to sell and offer their products and services outside the United States.

Trademark protection in one country does not provide any protection in other countries. A US registered trademark is valid only in the US and will not provide protection against use that violates EU law. In the United States, trademarks must be used in commerce before a federal trademark can be granted. This provision does not exist in the European Union. However, the trade can be used at a later stage of registration. Therefore, in the European Union, trademark protection can be granted before use. In addition, in order for a trade mark to remain valid, it is sufficient that the trade mark is used in only one country of the European Union.

If a company seeks protection in one or more of the 27 Member States of the European Union, the best solution would be a Community trade mark (CTM). The European Union provides an integrated registration system managed by an internal agency (OHIM). OHIM is also responsible for registered company designs. If the applicant submits a trademark and is granted a trademark, the trademark will provide protection in all 27 countries of the European Union. The initial verification period for the CTM is 10 years and may be renewed if it is desired unifi register.

The European Internal Market Coordination Office will charge € 900 for CMT registration. Finally, registration in the CTM may take precedence over a previous application under the Paris Agreement. Before registering a trademark in the European Union, you must search in all EU countries, as a trademark can only be registered as a national trademark in one country. A common mistake made by companies is not to confirm that they own the trademark before applying to other European Union countries. Before an applicant intends to expand a trademark, he must make sure that he has stable ownership. Throughout the process, it is advisable to appoint a trademark representative to assist in the search, customs clearance and registration of trademarks.

In addition to improving the efficiency of operations, the application of these standards can significantly reduce insurance costs. Both liability insurance can be reduced because you have a significantly lower risk of litigation and workers’ compensation insurance when you work, monitor and manage your company’s health and safety issues – sometimes – Never pay implementation costs depending on the size, width and other related issues.

To learn and apply the environmental management standards ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001, health and safety management, although it is not difficult for an already qualified ISO-9001 quality system manager, is only to acquire and combine training on these two standards. It takes time. Several processes and methods can be combined. For example, all you need is a corrective action, a management review meeting, and a set of documents that will meet the requirements of both standards. One way to facilitate this time-consuming process is to use trained, qualified consultants. If you choose to go this route, make sure your consultants are trained not only to ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 standards, but also to how they are integrated into a compact system. ANAB-accredited registrars now provide training for senior auditors in general management systems.

Tajweed – Learn Quran With Tajweed

The Tajik, when it comes to the Holy Qur’an, means reciting the Holy Qur’an in the form of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, so that God may bless him and give him peace. Tazawe generally means “fix”. Because the Holy Prophet is the only person who speaks the words of God correctly in the noble Qur’an. Therefore, one must learn to use it to recite the Holy Quran in order to obtain the exact pronunciation and meaning of the words of the Qur’an.

Linguistically “effective” or “good thing”. It comes from the same root letters as Jayyid in Arabic (meaning “good”): Jeem, Waw and Daal. If it is applied to the Qur’an, it means that when reading the Qur’an and looking at the provisions that apply to these letters in different situations, each letter of the Qur’an gives it authority and authority. We deliver a message about their rights, keeping in mind the key features of each letter, which it never leaves behind. And we give them dues, keeping in mind the characteristics of each letter, which is sometimes in it but not in others.

The Qur’an was revealed by the laws of intimacy that applied to it. In other words, when the angel Gabriel gives him peace, read God’s words to the Prophet Muhammad, God bless him and give him peace in a certain way and show the Prophet, God’s prayer and peace to him. It is acceptable to recite the Qur’an in the same way. . So we have to follow these rules so that they read how they are disclosed.

During the time of the prophet, he had peace and blessings, people did not need to study deeply because they were talking about what was being said now, online tajweed so it was only natural for them. When Arabs began to confuse non-Arabs with the spread of Islam, errors in the reading of the Qur’an were discovered, so scholars had to submit rules. Since the standard of everyday Arabic, in which Arabic is spoken, has changed much from the Arabic language in which the Qur’an appeared, even Arabs have to learn deeply.

Purpose of stimulation

The Qur’an is the word of God, and each of its ways is from God. His text should be easy to understand. The purpose of the science of proclamation is to make the Qur’an proficient in reading, to take into account the correct pronunciation of each letter and the qualities pertaining to each letter, without exaggeration or absence. Thus the reader can read the Qur’an in the way of a prophet, so that God may bless him and grant peace to him who received it from Gabriel, who received it from God with the standard accents of the Arabic language (glory to him).

Each Arabic letter has a makharaj – the point of departure or joint – in which it occurs in the mouth or neck, and each has its own characteristics – signs or signs -. An important component is the knowledge and purity of each letter. Sometimes the two letters have very similar outputs, which makes it easier to confuse them. So if a person does not know the properties of each letter, there is a risk that he will change the meaning of the words in the Qur’an. Recalling the rules of intimacy in the text protects the reader from making mistakes in the Qur’an.

Why is learning important?

Learning by intonation is necessary because the glorious Islam spread to most of the world within a few decades of its founding. People belong to different regions of the world as well as their languages. Even the language letters were different. Holy Quran and Resurrection Day for the whole world. In the spread of Islam, Arabs and non-Arabs merged, but their languages ​​and dialects were very different. Even most Arabs cannot read the Qur’an intimately. Concerns were expressed at the time that failure to preserve the original words spoken by the prophets could distort pronunciation in the coming days. Therefore, Arabs and non-Arabs had to define rules on a scientific basis in order to maintain a single word, vowel, dialect, pronunciation and meaning in a uniform way. Arabs and non-Arabs must learn noble while knowing and following the rules of intonation

Setting the basic rules of intonation and what are the correct rules of intonation

No one but the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him! It was also revealed through the Messenger of Allah, Jibrael, from the Almighty Qur’an to the noble Qur’an, what could be the prophet’s instructions, the Lord’s prayer, and the peace of speaking the words of the noble Qur’an. The Prophet Muhammad, to bring him peace and blessings, taught these rules to his companions and did the same to his followers on the same day. It is therefore safe to say that these rules of infiltration were established by the Prophet Muhammad (they have peace and blessings), followed by all the recitations of the Holy Qur’an, the text and the Spirit that have been infiltrated. Read the Qur’an through the rules.