Cacao Bliss Is Gaining Popularity As The World’s Most Exciting Health Food

“what do you eat for breakfast?” People often ask me. “Chocolate!” Answer, but not always, because I have recently discovered that life is about balance and not a long series of funny moments. Sometimes I give the same answer for multiple meals and breakfasts.

For those who have not yet joined the raw chocolate revolution, this reaction may seem unhealthy. They may think I’m fat or addicted to sugar. However, I am healthy. I am of normal weight and have not refined sugar for more than ten years. The reason for this is that the chocolate I eat is vegetarian, vegan, refined, organic, sugar-free, rich in super foods (chocolate is a staple drink!), And it is completely safe for life.

Raw cocoa contains hundreds of chemicals and is rich in magnesium, iron, chromium, tryptophan and antioxidants. Contains PEA, chemical love substances. The only food that contains a large amount of PEA is algae, so chocolate and algae go very well together. Chocolate has a lot of pleasure. Anand is a Sanskrit word meaning “enjoying”. Oh, and it’s full of antioxidants, it’s not listed in the ORAC table. so it really is.

Baked chocolate contains milk oils that do not promote ecstasy. It can also be made from hardened dairy products (veal rolls), refined sugar block and other ingredients that do not promote good health.

Raw chocolate bars, on the other hand, mix unbalanced chocolate purity and creamy taste, and the benefits of super foods are often nutritious. Raw chocolate looks similar to traditional chocolate, and most importantly, it melts evenly in the mouth. Raw chocolate is my idea of ​​heaven on earth. is it yours

What about caffeine?

Cocoa is a bad source of caffeine. A typical sample of cocoa beans or cocoa beans will produce caffeine from zero to 1000 ppm (

In February 2008, Dr. In clinical trials with healthy people, Gabriel Cousins ​​found that cocoa does not raise blood sugar in the same way as caffeine, which contains food or drink. In fact, Dr. The cousins ​​found that cocoa has a lower blood sugar level than almost any other food.

Slave free

“Raw Britannia, raw Britannia saved chocolate, the British never have to eat slave chocolate again.” This is my little song that evokes the desire to enslave all the chocolate. While there is no guarantee that all raw chocolate is slave-free, the reason for this is that most people who produce it want to provide moral goods. “Fair trade” is not the only proof that chocolate is free of slaves. There is a group, the Fair Trade Association, which is also free of slaves and which guarantees good financial exchanges for farmers. This certification never applies to retail products, although it is only a retail group.

I take the active properties of food very seriously. If you eat food in a slave environment (such as chocolate slaves or even animals in captivity to slaves), you will feel it and feel like a slave in your life. Choosing for yourself and the planet only chocolate that does not contain slaves. There is no excuse not to eat chocolate, enjoy this delicious at the expense of children and adults who are forced to cut legumes. When buying raw or boiled chocolate, if you talk to a manufacturer, you should learn its history.

Raw chocolate should improve the quality of life for those who grow it and those who consume it.

The raw chocolate revolution

It all started in May 2003. I was in Maui with my friend David Wolf, adding raw Cacao Bliss to the juice. Cacao Bliss are chocolate tree nuts from which chocolate is made. Then I only ate cocoa beans. My life changed at that moment. Since then, life has been pure magic. He realized that the cocoa gods had chosen him as a courier to bring real chocolate to the consciousness of the Western world. what a blessing. David and I had to write Naked Chocolate in 2005, and this is the only book in the world dedicated to our friends from raw chocolate and exaggerated food.

Cocoa (real name chocolate) makes other foods that are eaten with it and that the body uses more. For example, foods such as purse, goji berries, cookies, okuma, purple corn and flax seeds are more valuable to your body.

Since the beginning of the raw chocolate revolution, I have seen that as soon as people taste raw chocolate, their lives change forever. Raw chocolate immediately changes your perception. Opens channels inside you to release energy and information at lightning speed. You are completely in your stream. It causes massive changes in all parts of your life. You are allowed to meet your divine self. It makes you higher than you. It helps you heal your body as well as the planet.

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