Setting Up Broadband And Phone Services In Malaysia

When you arrive in the country (either on the Malaysian Peninsula or in the South China Sea in East Malaysia), you will find plenty to see and do there. From the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur to the Mulu Caves in Sarawak, the largest natural metro network in the world, you are sure to make an unforgettable trip.

First, studying in Malaysia – as in any other foreign country – can be quite difficult. That is why it is very important to stay home with family and friends. Fortunately, it is easy to find ways to call the UK. Here you need to know.

How can I enter into a mobile, landline or broadband deal in Malaysia?

It is possible to get a Malaysian mobile phone, landline or broadband unifi register connection while studying in the country, but you will need to do a few things before signing the contract. In addition to a student visa, you will need admission to a college or university that service providers may require to confirm your student status.

To receive your student pass, you will need to send a passport size photo and application form to the headquarters of the Malaysian Department of Immigration. Once approved, you should be able to sign up for goods and services on credit.

As in the UK, mobile and broadband providers in Malaysia will carry out a credit check. For those who have not configured a credit rating, they have the option to purchase a prepaid or postpaid SIM card, which you will find in a wide range of stores. You’ll also need an unlocked international cell phone, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry: you have a variety of phones to buy once.

Who can get broadband from Malaysia?

Most universities are located in popular areas of the city, such as Kuala Lumpur, so you should have access to some broadband services. The fastest broadband provider has a time that provides a download speed of 100Mbps, but you usually get a 24-month contract. Of course, this is not ideal for international students, especially if you are traveling on holiday or staying in the country for only one year, but if you want the fastest possible connection, there is a time to go.

Fortunately, some plans are available from some smaller providers for 12 months. These include PAUSE and ABNxcess, which combine broadband with TV packages. Maxis, City Broadband and UnifTM.

Mobile broadband is also widely available. Although 4G is usually found only in cities, 3G covers 95.8% of the Malaysian population. As such, you should not try to get a cell signal. The number of Wi-Fi hotspots in Malaysia is growing in places as diverse as cafes, restaurants and civic buildings across the country. If you want to register yourself and take your Wi-Fi network with you, the most popular mobile broadband providers in Malaysia are DiGi and Celcom.

How can I best contact me from Malaysia?

One of the best ways to call home from Malaysia is to use the SIM plan only on your mobile phone. They come with a set number of hours, comprehensive minutes and data surcharges to help control your spending.

If you do not want to be subject to a contract, you can choose a prepaid SIM card instead. They are available from many mobile networks, including Cellcom, Digi and Maxis. In fact, by paying for a loan in the UK, in other words, you can balance yourself just as you did in your own country. To conclude a deal specifically for international students, purchase the DiGi site Hello Malaysia Traveler, which offers a good price for international calls. A Cellcom Traveler SIM is also available, allowing you to call up to 20 international destinations at a competitive price.

If you want to get things done before the trip, you can make cheap international calls using the free Tesco business card app. It connects to Wi-Fi and allows you to make cheaper rates at home and send messages in-app online.

However, the cheapest way to stay in touch is with a free VoIP service such as Skype or Viber. All you need is an internet connection and access to a computer with a webcam and microphone. The person you are calling will also need the same VoIP software and hardware and be online at the same time you use it, but you will not be charged for a voice or video call.

What are my consumer rights in Malaysia?

There was a serious lack of consumer protection laws in the country until 2010, when the Malaysian Parliament proposed the Consumer Protection Act 2010 (amendment). This law is intended to protect consumers and applies in particular to unfair contract terms. If you think the situation with your mobile or broadband contract is not appropriate, you can contact your service provider and terminate the contract without penalty – if you can prove it.

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