How To Avoid Stormpole Damage To Your Caravan Awning

In addition to caravans, your parachute is probably the most valuable item you can have on vacation with you, so it’s important to save your investment from a very common problem: hurricane damage.

Hurricane damage is caused by extreme wind conditions, such as strong winds, heavy rain or snow, and is often caused by curved pillars or broken seams, but in the worst case, it can mean broken canopies that have not been repaired. It can go and the caravan can be damaged on a large scale.

However, there are some simple precautions you can take to reduce the risk of hurricane damage, the easiest of which is to avoid extreme weather.

By simply looking at the weather before and during the caravan breakdown, you should be able to give warnings of strong winds or storms in the area and first stop the parachute or remove it due to bad weather.

If you think the weather is bad, but there are definitely no warnings of bad weather, a set of heavy-duty parachute harnesses, stormpole also known as a “belt”, will do everything safely. A good way to anchor. They have heavy-duty pins, very strong nylon straps and a spring mechanism at one end, which allows the parachute to bend slightly – which means that the stakes pull less in very strong winds. .

Most canopy straps are designed to be placed directly above the canopy outside, which means that they are in direct contact with the cover material and can close over time. For this reason, storm-shaded belts are not recommended for long periods of time and should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Choosing your awning is also important because it can be a safe solution for heavy loads all year round with a strong (but heavy) steel column from a reputable manufacturer. If you are concerned about weight, advanced carbon fiber poles are strong and light, but remember that if they are pushed out of their limits, they will bend like steel poles. Most aluminum poles are lightweight, but they don’t usually provide as much strength as steel or carbon fiber – which means some manufacturers make great aluminum awnings, so be sure to buy and read a lot of reviews.

If the worst happens and none of your safety measures work, it is important that the canopy is adequately covered by the trailer insurance policy. Some caravan insurance companies do not cover the damage to the canopy during hurricanes, so be sure to choose a policy that usually covers “hurricane damage to the umbrella cover”. This way, if you are addicted to the weather and have the opportunity to lower the parachute before the storm occurs, the damage to the parachute and the damage caused by the parachute to your caravan will be covered.

Remember that not only is your car damaged, but you also need insurance as well as an umbrella, and as such, make sure you count the total amount you need to insure when you receive your insurance policy. Will happen.

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