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Manchester United could postpone the Chelsea event for an extra week, while Portsmouth could beat West Bromwich Albion and Birmingham City this weekend, writes David Walker.

Chelsea – Manchester United

Specific teams are fighting and the results could confirm that Chelsea could keep the Premier League if they win the Blues. Chelsea have shown flawless support in front of fans this season, winning 17 of 18 matches in the Premier League. In fact, he was defeated at home this season in 90 minutes against a Champions League game against Barcelona. Manchester United is a Premier League-shaped team that has won 10 in the last 11 matches and is shockingly negative against Sunderland – the only stain on a clean book.

Manchester United have won only four Premier League matches at Stamford Bridge, while Chelsea have been equally successful against the Red at home. The match in all rows ended five times, so historically there wasn’t much to split between the two sides. Chelsea won 1-0 in the last two home matches, while United’s last success was four years earlier, when they won 3-0.

Chelsea are in the game as a favorite, but Manchester United could extend the title for another week by winning the line.

Middlesbrough vs Everton

Thanks to the success of the FA Cup and the ยูฟ่าเบท UEFA Cup, the list of places in Middlesbrough has been crowded in recent weeks. Despite their miraculous results, they are still strong at Riverside Stadium and have won four of their last five matches at home, including a 3-0 loss to Chelsea. Everton has not beat Middlesbrough since 2000, and Boro has since won two victories and two draws. The match against Everton will be the tenth match for Middlesbrough in April, and while Steve McCarran plays in the UEFA Cup semi-finals on Thursday, Al-Taufi will have a chance to return to Mercedes with one point.

City of Birmingham against Newcastle United

Birmingham desperately need points if they want to remain invincible in the last three home matches and gradually avoid accusations. However, when the team members are also Portsmouth, Steve Bruce’s team is also excluded from the games. The last two husband and wife meetings ended in all classes, while Newcastle won in 2002 with a score of 2-0. Newcastle played hard under interim manager Glenn Reed and won the last five matches. After defeating West Brom 3-0 at the end of last week, the Magpies will have a lot to say in the fight and fighting battle, and they are unlikely to form a team they have not beaten in St. Clare. Andrew has not served since 1977.

Liverpool vs Aston Villa

After Chelsea leaves the FA Cup, Liverpool will see victory over the new, humble Aston Villa. The Reds have won the last two Villa V and three of the last five meetings in Anfield. While Liverpool have won 14 of 18 matches at home this season, David O’Leary’s team was terrible on the road. They lost the last four, including two heavy defeats: 5-0 against Arsenal and 4-1 Everton. Villa will most likely avoid tooth decay and a better goal difference, but the points on the board will not prevent them from playing as a party coming out of the division on Saturday.

Manchester City v Fulham

After a terrible start to the season, Manchester City has slipped to the lowest level of the Premier League and will see the match as a way to restore some pride. The last two meetings between the two sides ended in a draw, although the City was better than the previous ones. The Nationals won 4–1 in 2003 and 4–0 in 2000 and 3–0 in 1999, with both sides moving through the first and second segments, ยูฟ่าเบท respectively. In addition, Fulham has not won the City in the old second division since 1984, and Stewart Pierce was able to take full advantage and rain on it in the table.

Wigan Athletic vs Portsmouth

Wigan hadn’t done well lately, but overall he had good success in his first season in the league. Only three wins in the last 13 matches and one win in the last eight matches on their home ground will give Portsmouth optimism to survive the fight. Since they beat Manchester City on Boxing Day, the Latics team beat Aston Villa 3–2 on April 18, but there were five failures at home. Harry Redknap’s team could actually rely on West Brom and Birmingham if they won and lost to Steve Bruce’s team for that. After an unsatisfactory campaign, Pompeii won five of the last eight matches, including victories outside its home stadium of West Ham United and Fulham.